Yesterday saw sterling gain significantly, with GBP/EUR breaking through the psychological level of 1.2500 (IB) in the morning session, up by 1.18%.  There was little correlation to this as there were no fundamental data releases. The appreciation appeared to be due to investors pulling out of their positions, as it is considered that GBP was significantly oversold last week. Initial gains cooled for the rest of the afternoon session and GBP/EUR has been trading in the new range of 1.2456 (IB) to 1.2488 (IB).


Brexit fears continue to loom, and whilst many countries have kept quiet about their stance for fear of being accused of trying to influence the referendum, Germany has spoken out. A German think tank yesterday warned the UK not to expect an easy ride in negotiations which will certainly add fuel to the fire for the ‘remain’ camp.


Today we have seen the release of German final CPI and German WPI (forecasted and posted at .8% and 0.3% respectively) which could prove to be good precursors for the Eurozone CPI data due out later this week.


Euro buyers will be pleased to see that UK inflation came in at and improved 0.5% this morning, the highest inflation level the UK economy has witnessed in over a year.


Aside from this we have a fairly quiet week ahead for the Eurozone as far as data releases go. Any further volatility is inspected to come following significant US data or concerns over the ‘BREXIT’


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